Joan Shenton of Meditel.

Meditel was in 1987 among the first who paid attention to the AIDS debate. They made a series of documentaries and news items about the AIDS controversy: 

'The Unheard Voices' (1987). Produced and directed by Jad Adams, executive producer Joan Shenton, and reporter Michael Verney-Elliot. The documentary was aired in November 1987 by Channel 4. The Sunday Telegraph described the programme as "outstanding...well argued". In the programme Prof. Duesberg and others argued that HIV could not be the cause of AIDS and that, as a result of present thinking on AIDS, millions of lives that could be saved will not be saved, and vast research funds are being wasted. The documentary won in 1988 the prestious journalism award from the Royal Television Society in the category international current affairs. 

'The AIDS Catch' (1990) Broadcasted in June 1990 by Channel 4. Produced and directed by Joan Shenton, reporter: Michael Verney-Elliot. The second AIDS documentary questioning HIV as the cause of AIDS. The programme is also questioning whether AIDS is infectious or not, and paid attention to the long-term survivors. Dr. Montagnier introduces cofactors and says in this programme "At first we thought we had the best candidate to be the cause of AIDS...[but now]...I would agree that HIV by itself or some strains of HIV are not sufficient to induce AIDS " Meditel also introduced John Lauritsen, Walter Gilbert, Harry Rubin, Joseph Sonnabend, Gordon Stewart and Robert-Root-Bernstein. The Financial Times wrote: "An outstanding piece of 'sez who?' journalism. It is still encouraging to find that there are still proper television journalists around, working with the discipline, and with minds not warped by sentimentalism!"

'AZT; Cause for Concern' (1992) Produced and directed by Joan Shenton, reporter: Michael Verney-Elliot. Aired by Channel 4 in February1992. A programme about the the main drug prescribed to help people with AIDS. Meditel uncovers the disturbing evidence that AZT may in fact be causing more harm than good. With John Lauritsen and Prof. Duesberg, but the programme also introduces John Hamilton, Michael Lange and Robert Hoffman. The programme makers stated that Wellcome's claims for AZT are "false and misleading". 

'AIDS and Africa' (1993) For Channel 4 Dispatches. Aired12 March 1993. For years now Western scientists have predicted an AIDS catastrophe for the continent. Joan Shenton travelled to Africa East and West to assess what is really happening on the ground. A story of hope for Africa; a report that suggests that Africa may not, after all, be in the grip of a devastating epidemic. 

'Diary of an AIDS Dissident' (1993)

Produced and directed by Joan Shenton. A short version of the programme has been aired in Europe by Sky News. PBS broadcasted the programme in the U.S. This filmed diary chronicles events in Berlin (World AIDS Conference), London (AZT on Trial Conference) and New York (Spin magazine, HEAL) which highlight the growing opposition to the current complacency surrounding the establishment view on the cause of AIDS. 

Meditel also produced several shorter news items about the AIDS controversy. 'Amsterdam AIDS Conference', about the alternative conference 'AIDS; A Different View', and 'European Dissidents' were both broadcasted by Sky News (1992).

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Aids : A Second Opinion. 1997

The most compete documentary to date about "Aids dissidence" worldwide. You will find almost everybody in these webpages interviewed here.

Aids : The Untold Story. Everything you know about Aid's is false! This documentary tells the truth behind the conspiracy of silence surrounding the Aid's crisis. Find out why the HIV theory is all wrong. Find out why Aids is not a death sentence. Find out what the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies DON'T want you to know.

Living with Aids Naturally - The Real Heroes.
The untold stories of real people who are healing their immune systems through natural and wholistic approaches. An inspiring document of personal empowerment proving that Aids need not be a death sentence.

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Aid's Voices, Life Choices.
A 52 minute documentary which presents the testimonies of 5 HIV positives who live in good health today. Their journey to health is presented according to scientific approaches which take into account the environmental factors which determine health or illness:
- Professeur Luc Montagnier is interested by psychological stress.
- Docteur Jeffrey Liephart describes the co-factor counselling programme in the heart of the San Diego social services in Californie. This programme is the fruit of 15 years observation of "long tern survivors" and research in psycho-neuro-immunology undertaken by California University in San Francisco since the first appearance of Aids in 1981.
- Howard Greenspan describes the role of "free radicals" in degenerative disease, the importance of using anti-oxidants and nutritional education.
- Jonathan Mann (head of the WHO Aids programme until 1990 when he organised the first alternative conference on Aids in Rome) explains the importance of auto-determination and the respect of the social context of each different culture.
This documentary points to a new medical paradigm where the individual learns to take charge of his own health and modifies the behaviour which has brought about illness. A precious synthesis for the sick, doctors, public speakers and associations concerned with health education.
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"SIDA : LE DOUTE", documentaire de Djamel Tahi, fut la pièce maîtresse d'une soirée sur ARTE à ce sujet début 1996.
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